Temple of Faith Deliverance C.O.G.I.C.Chattanooga

Reaching Out To The East Lake Community And Beyond!

Have A Happy And Blessed Easter!

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Temple of Faith Deliverance C.O.G.I.C.

Temple Of Faith a place where the Lord opens opportunities for you to use your God-given talents. We welcome you to join our church family as your walk with Christ is strengthened and enriched. Let's get busy for God!

The mission of Temple of Faith Deliverance Church of God in Christ is to reach out to a hurting world. We seek to cultivate God's character in others through love, sacrifice, and service; with guidance from the Holy Spirit using the Good News of Jesus Christ as our model for ministry.

Temple of Faith Deliverance Church Of God in Christ will be a pillar of hope and strength for our community. We will grow through worship, instruction, fellowship and evangelism; and holistically enrich the lives of others by using the principles of Jesus Christ to impact the Kingdom of God.

Our Doors Are Open

Become an active participant in the work of the Lord at Temple of Faith Deliverance, C.O.G.I.C. Make an impact on the lives of others by serving in our many areas of ministry. Bring a willing heart, and we'll teach you how to trust God to do the rest!

Your Prayers Count! 

Don't forget to pray with Temple of Faith Deliverance Church Family for all the members and their families. Strong families create strong communities. Lets change Chattanooga one person at a time with the love of Christ.

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